SharePoint is a great platform used by all type of companies. With more than 10 years of experience in SharePoint, HansaPlus support companies in developing completely innovative SharePoint solutions. We develops a wide range of customizations of the platform in order to fit our customers’ needs and improve the delivery on business objectives. 

Our SharePoint Customization Services

Work with your SharePoint Lists and Document Libraries in a more natural and effective way!

Change the Column width of all your lists and be sure the changes you made will be there next time! With this feature, Owners of a list my change the Column Widths of their Lists and the changes will be saved and visible for all members and visitors.

Keep your business or production indicators up to date and visible for all stakeholders!

We have designed a KPI Dashboard that can be programmed to work with your selected data and presented in the SharPoint site of your choice inside of your organization.

This webpart allows each to save and easily access their favorite links in a user friendly  and visually pleasent webpart that can be placed in your personal site or anywhere throughout SharePoint.