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SharePoint On-The-Go supports your own mobility initiative by allowing you to effectively mobilize your SharePoint investment and enable you and your team to stay connected to people and documents directly from your mobile devices.​

We are aware of the importance of information security, therefore SharePoint On-The-Go has been developed to offer a balance between enterprise security and flexibility by allowing mobile access to contents and documents directly from the company’s server without the need to transfer data to an intermediate instance. ​

This Web App additionally supports a variety of authentication methods as well as mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM), so the device, the application and your company’s information remain secure.

Effective quality control requires management and staff to work together toward the goal of a successful retail business. This web app allows you to centrally track what you have in stock, make sure it’s of the best possible quality, and monitor how much you’re selling.

Your retail quality inspector can provide a complete report and visual evidence of your products quality according to your own specifications for the formulary. All they need is a mobile device with a camera and internet access!

All the information will be automatically stored in the SharePoint List of your choice for central management and access.

For this project we created an exclusive brand design based on the company’s strategic goals and its target audience.

Along with this, an online-shop design that integrates the brand and follows the guidelines given by the latest available design & technology features.

We provide our constant support to BlueHarbour in content and process management of their website www.blueharbour.de

For this as well as all other branding projects, we offered our consulting and support services for the definition of the brand’s target audience and representation goals based on a market research inside VitalPlus business niche.

We provided VitalPlus with a Logo & Brand application guidelines for digital, packaging and stationary use.