Enterprise 4.0 – A glimpse into the future

Advancement in technology has had and will continue to have a great impact on industry. It is only necessary to look at all the equipment we are using nowadays and the small computer we all keep in our pockets.

But technology does not only have an impact on our industries : It is constantly changing business models, business strategies, markets and society.

Now, what will the future bring us? There are some trends that are already visible and business need to keep up with them to make use of the competitive advantages they represent:


Virtual reality will dominate a new category of the economics and business of entertainment, advertising, retail and become a marketplace that can be entered from every enterprise.


Computational creativity, Machine learning. Neural Networks, Perceptrons are transforming every business process. The enterprise will be transformed by AI. knowledge engineering transactions will soon shape every transaction.


Many different blockchain solutions have emerged recently for using digital contracts, digital currency and authenticating identities using this innovation have emerged recently. For example, transactions could be coordinated by self-executing smart contracts or performed at lower cost by other small competing providers.  According to many, the fusion of blockchain and the sharing economy may create a revolution that will transform our economy and share the wealth beyond certain companies and individuals. Enterprises will have the need to adapt their business to it.


The majority of IoT devices have their own apps and are not conected. New developments help us predict how in the near future every object will be connected. Sensors tied to the cloud will turn on every thing making all things connected and smart. Things talking to things, M2M (machine to machine ) technology will continue growing and this represents a huge chance for companies to get to know their users and potential users and partner with other companies .

What will our car say to our blender in a couple years?


Will replace the digital workplace and each employee will have a personalized workplace based on their use of the standard platforms. Great opportunity for IT development and employers to keep employees and partners satisfied and optimize productivity.


Our devices and technologies will allow any manufacturer to capture information about the users of its products.  We are capturing and quantifying on our phones everything about everyone. It is our task to continue finding out how business can profit and and at the same time protect themselves and the users from the abuse of the Information available.


The new intelligent analytic capabilities are pushing a change into the classic predictive enterprise. Systems will now autonomously  provide companies with the possibility to predict what the needs and desires of their target groups will be. What is the business strategy that would benefit from artificial intelligence?

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